I’m not worthy….I’m not worthy!


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I was watching The O Network the other week and caught an episode of Oprah’s Next Chapter. She was interviewing comedian Chelsea Handler. Oprah asked a question along the lines of “Do you feel worthy?” While I cannot remember the full context of the dialogue I do remember Oprah stating “some people go their entire lives without feeling worthy.” At that moment I paused for some self-reflection, and I questioned “Gosh, could I be one of those people???!!”

There are many elements to our lives where our sense of worthiness can come from like; family, friends, church, community and work to name a few. But are we looking at worthiness the right way? Are we striving for others respect, attention and ultimately relying on our external world to determine our level of worthiness? The scary thing is I do believe this most often can be the case. Subconsciously, maybe even conscientiously we seek the approval of others.  When we are young we look to our teachers for approval and attention based on the work we put into class assignments. In life we seek the approval of our parents, family, coaches when we make decisions and take actions. At work we seek the approval and attention of our leaders and peers. With this consistent need for others approval have we mistakenly transferred our level of worthiness into their hands? I believe the answer is YES!

When we control our world and what we put into it, the world speaks and reciprocates. If we constantly seek the approval, respect, attention of others then we may never feel a true sense of worthiness, because we are relying on others to determine our worthiness. If we believe our worthiness comes from within then we have won the battle! So my AH-HA moment from this life experience is OWN YOUR WORTHINESS and you’ll never have to rely on anyone else to make you feel worthy. You won’t have to question “Am I good enough?” you’ll know the answer is ALWAYS YES!!!!! 


3 thoughts on “I’m not worthy….I’m not worthy!

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  2. Well said Bonnie, I try to look at myself first and remember who I live for, myself and my family before I try to find acceptance from others. I’ve reached that point in my life where “I’m OK if you don’t accept me or even may not like me”. It’s too stressful looking for a sense of worth from others, you will never find it, and if you do, it may not be equivalent to what you really are worth, and only you are the judge of that.

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