Ogres Need Not Apply: Hiring Beautiful People Only!

Ugly-PeopleWho hasn’t seen the article in the Huffington Post about the site Beautifulpeople.com expanding services from online dating to a job site? Based on what I read, I understand the creators of Beautifulpeople.com decided this product could add value to the human resources recruiting world. Yes, hiring only beautiful sounds fantastic (NOT) but does it make business sense? Since when did looks have anything to do with our abilities to do a job? If you look at any reality show in LA you’d notice it seems there are plenty of businesses hiring “beautiful people” just fine. Why would this company feel the need to expand their services in to the mainstream workforce world?

Sure I joke at work about job requirements needing to include “Must Look like Matt McConaughey” minimum. Hell, I work in a hospital my expectations of hot doctors floating around the facilities were created by the years of watching ER and Grey’s Anatomy. Yeah, I’d love to work with a bunch of hottie-po-totties, who wouldn’t want some eye candy at work? But then I question “where does that leave me?” When I first read this article I said that I would need to be grandfathered in with the other existing ogres of the company.

The reality is “silent” discrimination already exists.  Statistically from what we’ve read it seems attractive, thinner, taller, fitter, lighter skinned people have better chances at being hired, receiving promotions, better pay etc.. So why would anyone want to make it harder for the “ugly people aka the regular folk”?

I wouldn’t mind seeing this site take off and a group of researchers study the trends on hiring solely based on appearance. Assuming the site would be solely based on appearance, I don’t know as I haven’t seen it.  Maybe the Beautifulpeople.com job site will include the  minimum job requirements for knowledge, skills and abilities as well as the beauty standard.  But gosh some jobs are already hard to fill, if recruiters are limiting their candidate pool to only “beautiful people” they would be missing out on a good deal of top talent. I just don’t get it!!!

Also I’m left to think about the job descriptions. Will they look like?

Company ABC seeking Experienced Beautiful CEO


  • 5 years of CEO experience
  • Masters Degree in Business Management, Administration or related
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Ability to lead with passion
  • Professional runway or commercial ad model experience
  • Athletic build; muscle definition must be visible through business attire
  • Male; no shorter than 6’3 – Female; no short than 5’9
  • No visible body fat
  • Evenly toned skin, no acne or blemishes
  • Full putty lips
  • Straight, Hollywood white teeth
  • Full head of hair

Am I writing a job description or a personal ad??????

What is beautiful anyway? Isn’t beauty in the eye of the beholder? Doesn’t true beauty come from within? 

Photo Credit; By the way doesn’t this guy exude some beauty? I don’t know who he is or his story, but he’s beautiful because of the pure happiness his face projects.


What do you think?

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