Jay Cutler loss to Packers

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Watching the interview with Jay Cutler on the Bears loss to the Packers got me thinking about employees in the “real” workplace. Here are some of the questions that came to mind:

Imagine being interviewed by the media after every work project you completed, especially after a failed work project how would you response? How would you feel? How would you react to hard-hitting questions that demanded immediate responses? Answers that would reflect upon your reputation in your industry? Would you react and communicate differently than you do now in the workplace?

Jay Cutler Reacts to loss video

In the real workplace most employees only have to answer to their boss, manager or superior. Higher level positions such as CEO, President or owners are expected to answer to board members, key stakeholders, clients, customers, possibly the community and more. This level of responsibility brings added stress to the workplace. Do you think this level of stress can impact an individuals performance? If you had to report your job performance failures and successes to multiple groups of people do you think you would have more or less motivation? Or would it even impact your



What do you think?

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